We are fully aware that creating a successful and profitable business takes considerable time and hard work, and that along the way, businesses will be exposed to risk.

It is imperative to implement plans that will help protect and secure a company’s future success. The individuals who provide the creativity and drive behind the business, often the directors and shareholders, are key to the long term future of the business.

Shareholder Protection
We sometimes take life for granted and the harsh reality is that some of us will not be here tomorrow. If a shareholder were to die, what would be the impact on your business?

  • What will happen to the shares owned by that person?
  • Will the company have sufficient funds to buy back shares that have passed to a spouse or family member?
  • How will the company afford to replace the lost expertise and knowledge?

As well as death, other eventualities should be considered. For example, the divorce of a ‘husband and wife’ managed business may present problems if one party wanted to exit from the business.

Keyman Protection
Protecting your business against the financial loss of a key individual is as important as protecting the company’s offices and machinery. What would the impact be upon the business if a key revenue generator to senior individual were unable to work for the business. Would the revenue or profit of the business be at risk? What would the cost be of replacing that key individual.

Key staff often include:

  • Directors and/or senior managers
  • Sales Executives
  • Financial accountant
  • Field specialists

In addition to death, consideration should be given to insuring against other risks, including critical illness or being incapacitated and unable to carry out day to day duties.

Argentis’s service
We specialise in working with businesses help them to identify these risks and understand the monetary impact on the business. Our expert advisers will be able to work with you to implement the most effective insurance to provide security for the company in the future.