Way to
work together
Way to
work together

Depending on your profession, the size of your firm and the demand for Argentis’ services, we can work together in a variety of ways.

Individual Referrals

This can be an organic process through individual referrals when a client expresses an interest in financial planning.

Marketed Advice

Alternatively, we often work with our partners to produce marketing material to communicate the importance of certain financial planning issues or to promote forthcoming events. This could be a financial planning seminar or workshops for clients, or an information leaflet on a specific topic.

Permanent on-site adviser

We are also able to arrange for an adviser to be available within your offices at specific times to attend client meetings or consult with partners. This can be a regular occurrence or for specific meetings where required.

Establishment of joint venture business

Where appropriate we may be willing to consider working together on a more formal basis and would be happy to discuss the benefits of this relationship in more detail.

The benefit of working together

Whatever arrangement is appropriate, you will find us a willing and experienced partner who brings another dimension to your business and adds value to your existing services. To ascertain how we may assist you, we would welcome the opportunity of discussing the way in which you currently provide financial planning advice to your clients.